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I am an applied economist whose research questions are largely anchored in the literatures on agency theory and new institutional economics. My research is eclectic, cutting across a number of areas of economics, finance and international business. I started out as a development economist. Since then, I have worked in a number of other areas. My recent (and current) research have focussed (focuses) on the following:SumonBhaumik2.jpgSumonBhaumik2.jpg
> Ownership, corporate governance and firm performance
Banking and credit markets

> Internationalisation of firms from emerging market economies

My research is largely empirical in nature, and India is the context of a significant proportion of this research. It is my native country, large, developing, and one of the fastest growing in the world. Further, since 1991, it has experienced very significant structural changes and hence it is a fertile ground for natural experiments encompassing a variety of policy issues that impact behaviour and performance of economic agents. Finally, it allows me to leverage the knowledge of the country's economy and its financial-corporate sectors that I had acquired during the three and a half years that I spent there as an economist. A nearly completed project funded by the UKIERI Trilateral Research Partnership award has enabled me to deepen my research on financial development and corporate governance in India.

Even though I enjoy working within an academic environment, I also like working outside the academic environment. I enjoyed my work at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, a New Delhi based policy think tank, and ICRA Limited, the Indian associate of Moody's Investors Service. I also enjoyed my work with economists at UK's Department of Business Innovation and Skills, where I was a ESRC placement fellow for some time, as also with economists at UK Trade & Investment and NESTA, for whom I have done sundry projects. More recently, as a part of the ESRC funded
Enterprise Research Centre, I have contributed to the discussion on credit market failure and alternative funding sources in the UK, and have also provided input into the discussion about the formation of the British Business Bank. And I must admit that, having moved on from my occasional rants, quips and commentaries in the media and sundry publications, I enjoy my tweets and my occasional foray in front of the camera[a][b].

Enough said! The details are for you to find out in this web site. If you want to download my cv, click here.

Sheffield University Management School (University of Sheffield), Conduit Road, Sheffield S10 1FL, UK