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Completed/Working Papers:


Do Business Groups Help or Hinder Technological Progress in Emerging Markets? Evidence from India (with Y. Zhou). Discussion paper no. 7885, IZA-Bonn, January 2014. 

Chinese Investments in the EU - What Price European Technology (with N.L. Driffield, J. Du and M. Song).
Information Costs, Institutional Distance, and Entry Mode Choice of Financial Intermediaries: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe (with O. Owolabi and S. Pal). R&R
A Note on Decomposing Differences in Poverty Incidence (with I.N. Gang and M.S. Yun). Discussion paper no. 2262, IZA-Bonn, August 2006.



Work in progress:

Financing Patterns among Start-Up Firms 

Global Convergence of Corporate Governance Rules -- Does it Make Sense? Evidence from Board Effectiveness in an Emerging Market Context (with M. Chakrabarty, A. Kutan and E. Selarka)

Do Capital Market Reforms Affect Transactions Cost? Evidence from a VAR model of the Indian Equity Market (with M. Chakrabarty, A. Kutan and E. Selarka)
Do Banking Reforms Pace the way for Efficient Allocation of Bank Credit? Evidence from India (with M. Chakrabarty, A. Kutan and E. Selarka)
Earnings Management and Corporate Governance (with A. Gregoriou)
Implications of Speed Adjustment in Capital Structure for Capital Market Development: Evidence from India (with S. Bhaduri)